Ginegar Polysack Nets Aluminet 50%


Minimum Order Quantity 440 sqm
Brand Ginegar Polysack
Color Silver
Material High quality metallized knitted screen with a special anti-oxidation and UV-resistant coating
Surface Finishing Coated
Shade Rate 50%
Packaging Type Roll
Shade Factor 50%
Standard Length 100 meter, 200 meter
Standard Width 4.2 meter, 4.4 meter, 5.4 meter
UV Stabilized Yes
UV Life 4 Years
Port of Dispatch Hosur / Ahmedabad / Lucknow


Ginegar offers a new generation of thermal screens called Ginegar’s Aluminet® that enable growers to control the growing conditions in greenhouses and nurseries to create the optimum environment for quality crop production. These screens are light, elastic, easy-to-install, and offer UV protection as well as:
Climate control– enables the reduction of temperatures during the day and control of the micro-climate in greenhouses and nurseries, uniform shading and light diffusion, control of airflow, protection against the cold, protection against pests.
Protection from direct sunlight – prevents damage caused by direct sunlight on plants and fruit, and prevents overheating in greenhouses. The screens diffuse the light that passes through them and increases the assimilation rate in the plant.

Features & Benefits:

  • Creation of favourable conditions for plant development as compared to growing in open areas
  • Significant increase in yield as compared to in open areas
  • Significant reduction in use of pesticides
  • Protection against weather conditions
  • Control of shading required for the plant development, rate of fruit ripening, and fruit quality
  • 25-40% savings in water used for crop irrigation

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