Agriplast Fruit Shield Cover

Color White
Brand Agriplast
Material Non Woven Polypropylene
Country of Origin Made in India
Diameter 8 inch
Length 200 meter
Weight 17 gsm
UV Stabilized Yes
UV Life Up to 12 months
Recommended for For Fruits like pomegranates, Mangoes, Avocado, Peach, Apple, Orange, Guava etc
Port of Dispatch Hosur / Ahmedabad / Lucknow

Agriplast Fruit shield cover made of non woven polypropylene materials are used in agriculture for the purpose of protecting the crops from biotic and abiotic stresses, Use of crop covers in open fields leads to faster and healthy plant growth, reduced usage of agrochemicals, prolonged harvesting, better fruit quality and opportunity to grow crops during off-season also.


  • Protects from sunburn
  • Prevents black spot on the fruits
  • Provides optimum microclimate for growth of fruits by allowing passage of air, water, moisture and sunlight
  • Prevents fruit cracking
  • Saves cost by minimizing the usage of pesticides
  • Supports organic farming
  • Encourages consumption of pesticide residue-free fruits
  • Protects from birds and animals
  • Protects from fruit flies and other harmful insects
  • Increases natural shine and colour in apple and pomegranate
  • Clean fruit of uniform size and colour, bigger fruit size
  • Facilitates the production of export quality fruits fetching good market price.

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