What are the benefits of Polyhouse Cultivation?

What are the benefits of Polyhouse Cultivation?'s image

Polyhouse farming has opened up greater avenues for the growth of the producers engaged in the Indian agricultural sector. The multifold yield and ease of doing polyhouse farming make the farming practice quite attractive and profitable. A farmer can generate multiple revenues as compared to conventional farming practices. 

The issue of crop damage, due to various unpredictable factors like harsh weather conditions, pests, etc., has traumatized the producers for a long time now. A change is required in the manner farming is done to generate a higher yield. The change is polyhouse farming.

Polyhouse Cultivation - An End To Agrarian Distress

Polyhouse cultivation is a farming technique to grow crops in a protected, transparent, and closed space. The closed space makes controlling the temperature, humidity, water supply, etc., feasible, thus providing greater control in the hand of the producer. With greater control, the farmer can ensure that the crops get a suitable growth environment, and hence the farmer gets a good yield. 

The structure of the polyhouse is either a dome-shaped roof or a flat roof with a transparent material. A dome-shaped roof along with polyethylene is quite famous as it ensures high protection to the crops and serves greater utility in many ways. The structure captures heat from the sunlight, and the temperature inside is regulated using various devices. 

There are numerous advantages to going for polyhouse cultivation; some of them are mentioned below. The various advantages are also the reasons for people becoming more inclined towards polyhouse farming. 

Reasons To Opt For Polyhouse Cultivation

Closed Space

The closed space that is used to grow crops ensures that the crops grown are protected from all the factors that may lead to crop damage. Storms, heavy rainfall, wandering animals like elephants and bulls, pest attacks, heat waves that stunt crop growth, etc., are all kept at bay by the robust structure installed. 

Suitable Environment For Growth

Producers always want the best for their crops. They do everything possible to provide optimal conditions for the crop’s growth. But mainly due to harsh weather conditions, the yield is not as high, and the quality is not as good as expected. The untimely monsoon and unpredictable intense weather conditions due to degrading climatic conditions caused by global warming have made the conditions of the farmers worst.

In this scenario, polyhouse is the best feasible solution to ensure that there is no crop damage. The growth of crops will no longer be dependent on the monsoon, and harsh weather conditions will not be able to harm the crops due to the reliable playhouse structure. The temperature, humidity, and water supply are completely under the control of the farmer. Crops are not left at the mercy of nature, and hence no crop damage. 

More Crops In A Space

There is an option to grow crops vertically, and hence a farmer can maximize the yield that can be generated from a particular place. Polyhouse allows producers to grow as many crops as possible simultaneously, and this will prove to be a big boon for small land owners. The requirement to own or lease big farmland to get a higher quantity yield is now subsided due to the advent of polyhouse cultivation. 

Perennial Employment

There has been a persistent issue that has tormented the farmers for ages unemployment during the off-season. Well, the issue can now be dealt with using polyhouse farming. A producer can grow crops even during the off-season, and hence perennial employment for the agricultural sector is a reality. 

Lesser Maturity Period Of Crops

The crops grown in the polyhouse structure are provided with the best possible growing conditions that make the crops mature quite early, and hence the producer can grow the crop again in the same growing season.

Higher Production

With the shorter maturation period, off-season cultivation, and the provision of vertical cropping along with zero crop damage, a producer can attain a yield that is estimated to be ten times annually than what a farmer grows on farmland in a year. The higher production will end all the miseries that Indian farmers have to go through to feed billions of the Indian population.

High-Quality Crops

The crops do not need the treatment with large amounts of fertilizers and pesticides to grow well in polyhouse cultivation. They are provided with all the best conditions that are required for good growth. Due to all the proper care and efforts, crops grown are quite healthy and pleasing to the eyes. Due to their high-quality, producers do not have to put much effort into finding a buyer.

Contract Farming

Industrialists, or the secondary sector people, always seek predictable avenues to make business deals. When a producer engages in polyhouse farming, industrialists become eager to enter into contracts for an assured and constant supply of raw materials throughout the year. This increases the ease of farming. The certainty of a high yield of high-quality crops makes farming a predictable activity to the extent that the producer need not wander around to search for potential buyers. 

From lesser inputs to a multi-fold high-quality yield and probably a fixed market to sell the product to generate a greater fortune, polyhouse cultivation deals effectively with all the issues of the ailing Indian agricultural sector. 

To Sum Up

Indian farmers are always under huge pressure during and after the crop season because of the unpredictable nature of business in the primary sector. Either the crop got damaged, or they would fetch lesser revenue. The issues that worried farmers can now be negated by opting to grow crops using polyhouse cultivation.

Polyhouse farming is gaining popularity among the Indians by virtue of the huge mountain-like revenue it promises the farmers. Farmers will no longer be at the mercy of nature or ailing due to low yield and revenue. With assured high yield and greater fortune, the food producers will live their lives with dignity. The strong vision requires a strong and reliable polyhosue structure that is supplied by a genuine and authentic manufacturer Agriplast Protected Cultivation. We will also provide all the necessary training and agronomy support as and when required. Serving the farmers to make them achieve their vision is our aim, and with proper guidance, the growth story of Indian farmers will be phenomenal

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